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About Navid John Namazi

Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Navid Namazi, founder and owner of Metamorphosis Media, is a filmmaker with over 10 years of experience in the industry, ranging from feature films to commercials, music videos, and live show production.

Specialties: Producing, directing, camera operating (Canon, Sony, RED, Black Magic and Arri), lighting, camera movement, drone operating, editing, color correcting, and scheduling.


My journey into filmmaking began when, at age 5, I discovered Star Wars, entranced by its special effects and emotional resonance. My parents encouraged my lively imagination and love of telling stories and by the age of 8, I was making videos with my neighbor's camcorder and I fell in love with film as an artistic medium and a way to communicate. After gaining some film experience in high school, I attended Full Sail University, earning a B.S. in Film (2008) and a M.S. in Entertainment Business (2009). During this time, I worked my way up from Production Assistant to Producer and Cinematographer.


After graduation, I joined the Society of Camera Operators, and in the 10 years since completing his degrees, I've worked on feature films such as Confused… By Love, Breaking Point, Assassin Behind The Glass, The Probe, Liberty, and more. I have worked with companies ranging from Disney, Lucasfilm, Merrill Lynch, National Association of Realtors, and Nascar to local production companies. As camera operator, DP, or audio/visual tech, I have partnered with Dark Elf Films, Focused In Entertainment, Presage Entertainment, 1st Dibz Productions, AV Nation, Crew Call, and many others. You can view my credits on imdb here.


4 years ago, I founded Metamorphosis Media, which developing scripts for original content as well as collaborating with other production companies and professionals to develop and create content. I enjoy working with and mentoring others in video, camera operation, lighting, and production, and I lead several group training sessions.


I most frequently serve as a cinematographer, but I'm particularly interested in projects in which I can flex my producing and directing muscles. I am a licensed drone operator and am in the process of learning 3D and virtual/augmented reality techniques.

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